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Much of the thrill of travelling comes from steeping yourself in a foreign culture whose customs and traditions may be vastly different from the ones you're used to back home. But while confronting the unknown can be exciting, too much of it may be undesirable.
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Latest Comments
  • Thivi
    Re: Etiquette in The Dominican Republic
    so short and tank tops are appropriate. but what i snot appropriate
    8 July 2015
  • Honesty
    Re: Etiquette in Saudi Arabia
    I am representing a german company to the ME. As I have been doing business in the ME, I am familiar with the culture. I got to know…
    31 January 2015
  • lola
    Re: Etiquette in Saudi Arabia
    Why is it necessary for people in Saudi Arabia or other such countries to sit on the floor and eat food? is there any reason behind it?
    20 August 2014
  • mai
    Re: Etiquette in Saudi Arabia
    In Jeddah Saudi Arabia you can wear open shoes. You need abbayah. But not necessarily tarha. You will see a lot of women not covering…
    20 June 2014
  • reema
    Re: Etiquette in Saudi Arabia
    i am from saudi arabia and thanks for this essay
    28 February 2014
  • Peter
    Re: Etiquette in New Zealand
    Hi Tony, Yes, that is still a "custom", though NZers think of it more as simply being polite. Additionally, NZers are not big fans…
    23 August 2013
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